Our staff are experts at helping businesses grow. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Our marketing services include the development of a unified brand identity that communicates your services and your value through your Web site, marketing collateral (both print and nonprint), and sales strategies and materials. We help you fine-tune your sales activities by coaching your sales team on better lead generation and lead management techniques, as well as through teaching improved market planning and sales forecasting techniques.

Finally, we can help you design and implement successful growth plans without exceeding your budget. Typically, outsourcing marketing and sales support functions to the team at IFX is more affordable than hiring a dedicated specialist.

  • Best practices implementation
  • Process development and/or correction
  • Project Management
  • Goal and Milestone creation
  • Marketing segmentation
  • Marketing campaign creation
  • Measuring the value of marketing campaigns
  • Sales activities, including lead generation and forecasting

Web Development

IFX can help you develop and manage content for your Web site. In our Web Marketing Strategy Consultation Session, we will work with you to define methods to amplify your company’s voice on the Web. At the end of this session, you will have a clearly defined strategy for:

  • Communicating your message and differentiating your company
  • Driving the right traffic to your site
  • Creating targeted messages
  • Elevating the visitor’s experience
  • Capturing leads
  • Offering tangible value with downloadable material, such as white papers, case studies, webinars, podcasts, ebooks, etc.

An Integrated Marketing Strategy Builds Marketing Power

Many companies have great Web sites but little to no marketing materials that prospective customers can download and review at their convenience. These companies don’t see how the marketing they do on the Web can integrate with other marketing communications. We help you develop a complete portfolio of marketing materials that includes white papers, success stories, case studies, brochures, newsletters, postcards, videos, podcasts, webinars, surveys, freebies and more. Used in conjunction with your Web site, these marketing materials can help you:

  • Communicate your message to the marketplace
  • Build your customer base
  • Create enduring customer relationships
  • Increase sales
  • Increase awareness of services and products
  • Generate leads
  • Assist customers with purchase decisions
  • Educate customers

Web design should be driven by marketing and selling. Your Web site is a tool. Your Web site should be built to generate leads, drive sales and broadcast your brand to visitors who find your company in searches such as GOOGLE, YAHOO, Ask and MSN.

When IFX designs and develops your Web site, the end result reflects your brand and works for you to market and sell your product or service to the world.

Sales Presentations

IFX has worked with Fortune 500 companies to create winning sales presentations and proposals.

IFX has experience working with Government agencies and understands the proposal process when bidding on Government jobs.

From PowerPoint presentations to elaborate multimedia sales presentations, IFX can plan and implement a strategy and presentation to make your best sales presentation.

Let us consult with you to show you how podcasts, webinars and video are some of the top marketing tools for online marketing.

Print/Graphic Design

Innovative FX has the creative skills and marketing know how to design any image your company wants to represent. We treat every design project different because we know that every company has a different identity. We assist all needs of the client, from the client who has a vision of what they want to the client who is not even sure what they need.

Graphic and Print Design Services

  • Company Logo Design and Redesign
  • Corporate and Product Identity Development
  • Print Collateral
  • Business Cards
  • Presentation Folders
  • Social Networking Page Templates and Graphics
  • Office Wall Art
  • Employee Moral Posters
  • Direct Mail
  • Company Logo Design and Redesign
  • Corporate and Product Identity Development
  • Print Collateral
  • Business Cards
  • Presentation Folders
  • Office Wall Art
  • Employee Moral Posters
  • Direct Mail

Multimedia Design

Innovative FX, LLC offers in-house interactive services vs. most marketing firms who offer limited interactive services through a outsourcing or freelancer resources.

We provide core services, such as web design and application development, as well as supplemental services, including email marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, usability and accessibility consulting, and Flash animation and development.

Our Web sites and Flash content have earned numerous awards and distinctions, and our lead designer is a published author of flash web design books.

Lead Generation

Innovative FX has several techniques to use to help you capture contact information when people visit your Web site.

What Is a Lead?

First, let us review the definition of a ‘Lead.’ A lead is far more than just a name and a number. In specific, it is the identity of a person or business potentially interested in purchasing a product or service from you and thus must be handled with care.

Second, a lead is not the same thing as a ‘prospect.’ A prospect is a lead that has been contacted, interviewed and qualified. Genuine interest has been established, and the person is known to be the financial decision-maker.

How IFX Helps You Capture Leads

Some techniques that IFX uses to help you capture those important leads are:

  1. The 15 Second Rule — You only have about 10 to 15 seconds to attract interest
  2. No Pressure Contact Capture – A Web form just captures information. It does not try to sell the product. That happens when you follow up.
  3. Autoresponders are a Must — Immediate confirmations and Thank You notes are expected when visitors come to your site. The autoresponder is important because it will manage your list of new contacts and automatically send follow-up messages to that list.
  4. Law of Reciprocity/Giveaways – Visitors should receive something in return for giving up their contact information.
  5. Less is better – Keep the Web form brief and to the point. Otherwise, people will just skip it and keep on surfing. A short little advertisement that will attract attention and get the person to respond is ideal.
  6. Use of a subscription center to build permission based marketing online.

For example, a lead capture page that has a short little paragraph about your product or service combined with a 3-line form (name, phone, email) is a simple but powerful marketing tool.

Email Marketing Campaigns

IFX helps you use email marketing as an incredibly effective and inexpensive method of attracting new business and keeping in touch with existing customers. Communicating through e-mail is less expensive than any other medium, plus it’s easy to measure audience response. Metrics for unique opens, clicks and conversions.

E-mail marketing can also be complicated and potentially dangerous. IFX helps you navigate through regulations, such as CAN-SPAM which protects consumers from unsolicited e-mail, and technological advances in spam detection and filtering software. Without knowing, recent technological advances in spam detection and filtering can mean dismal response rates even from your opt-in recipients.

We help you understand the rules of permission-based marketing so that your e-mail marketing campaigns get high response rates without turning off potential customers with email abuse. We can assist with the set up of a subscription center to build a permission based email marketing program.

Innovative FX has been providing e-mail creative and e-marketing campaign services since 1999 to a broad range of clients and industries. Our experience in the strategy, design, development and deployment of e-mail marketing campaigns will help you determine the most effective creative approach and position, as well as help you avoid legal issues and evaluate technology considerations.

Direct Mail Campaigns

We provide our clients with a complete fulfillment service for direct mail campaigns.

Whether it’s a loyalty program, customer care service card, retail sales promotions or company-specific sales or promotional campaigns, IFX can assist you with every step of process — from idea concepts to design, printing, postage, lists and mailing.

We have a great selection of promotional lumpy mail items or direct mail teaser items to get your potential customers attention.

How you use the leads you receive all depends on how well your Return on Investment (RIO) will be. There are many techniques to developing a successful campaign. It is really important that you plan your campaign using targeted marketing.

Let us help you develop a campaign to attract new business, maintain current business or update customers. Not only can we design your direct mail piece, we can help you convert opportunities in to sales by showing you what to do starting with your mailing list.

Atlanta We often find Atlanta marketing clients who don’t have a planning document mapping out the tactical steps needed to grow their business. Some may have developed one in the distant past, but have completely lost sight of the steps or goals.

Innovative FX can work with your organization to create or update a planning document that synchs your marketing objectives and budget to a tactical program.

We specialize in helping small organizations reach a larger audience through creative marketing solutions. We take a results-oriented approach that puts an equal emphasis on effective marketing principles, outstanding creative thinking.